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Yellow Metal Potato Chips Display Cases for Food Service Wholesale

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  • Στοιχείο ΑΡΙΘ.:

    Potato Chips Display Cases 2
  • Παραγγελία (MOQ):

  • Οροι πληρωμής:

    EXW, FOB or CIF
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  • Χρόνος ανοχής:

    30 Days
  • Service:

    Don't retail, only customized wholesale.
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Κίτρινες μεταλλικές θήκες για τσιπς πατάτας για σέρβις τροφίμων Χονδρική

bulk food storage containers wholesale

bulk food storage containers wholesale

Products Specification

This 2-Tiers snack display rack is popular design to promote food, suitable for various stores, supermarkets, snack shops. The frame is made of yellow metal, and there are 2 big graphics on the top and at the bottom, it can help you to promote your products well.

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Δεν κάνουμε λιανική πώληση και δεν έχουμε αποθέματα. Όλα τα ράφια οθόνης μας κατασκευάζονται κατά παραγγελία.


Custom design


Προσαρμοσμένο μέγεθος


Το λογότυπό σας


Metal or custom


Κίτρινο ή προσαρμοσμένο


50 units

Sample Delivery Time

7 ημέρες

Bulk Delivery Time

30 μέρες


Flat package

After-sales Service

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We will help you create branded displays that stands out from your competition.

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Ingenuity is what Hicon Display brings to the custom manufacturing of your point-of-purchase displays and store fixtures. Psychology, design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution ingenuity are applied to your custom-designed display product. So, your POP display, point-of-sale display, store display, at-retail marketing display or in-store display functions efficiently, increases sales daily and enhances your brand image perpetually.

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What We Can Make

We have customized thousands of personalized display racks for our customers during the past 20 years, please check some designs below for your reference, you will know our customized craft and get more confidence about our cooperation.


Two years limited warranty covers all our display products. We take responsibility for the defects caused by our manufacturing error.

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